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A nutritious lunchbox with Babybel 

So, what can we place in our children’s lunchboxes that they take with them to school? How can we encourage them to eat and try things out, and how can we offer a nutritious lunchbox? Along with the most playful cheeses from Babybel, today we have some answers for you and some solutions that will make your everyday life a little bit easier. 

lunchbox with Babybel

What I placed in our lunchbox 

  • Always some fruit and/or vegetable. This time I added vegetables in a playful salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and rocket. I cut the cucumber in little stars, and the cherry tomatoes are always halved or quartered. 
  • Babybel Mini Rolls orMini Babybel Original. The healthiest pre-packaged children’s cheeses, pasteurized milk, preservatives free, dyes free, and flavour enhancers free. You can now find them with your favourite Disney heroes! And not only that, but on the occasion of the return to school, Babybel organized the best Back to School competition. Choose the Disney packages for a chance to win a VIP stay in Disneyland Paris. To enter the competition, go to The cheeses grant our little ones the protein and fats they need. 
  • Boiled egg. The little hands love eggs, so when I haven’t offered him any for breakfast, it’s a chance to add them to his lunchbox. Instead of boiled eggs, you can also add playful egg rolls or egg muffins. I use this to offer some necessary protein.  
  • You can also add breadsticks, crackers, or rice wafers for some added carbohydrates in their lunchbox so that your little ones have the energy they need. 
lunchbox with Babybel

How to serve them 

An original way to integrate the Mini Babybel into your lunchbox is by making original, savoury donuts. To make them, you’ll need to cut a little circle in the middle with a round cutter. Then, dunk the “donut” in poppy seeds, and it’s ready. How does that sound? 

Of course, the pieces you removed can be used either by adding them to their salad or by placing them with the vegetable or fruit sticks you’ll prepare. 

lunchbox with Babybel

How to transport them 

Because I know how much you worry about transporting food and making sure the food isn’t spoiled until it reaches your little one’s school, I suggest investing in a good lunch bag, that is, an insulated food bag. That way, you won’t have anything to be afraid of. If the distance you’re about to travel is quite large, then you should add an ice pack inside, and avoid opening it before eating. 

lunchbox with Babybel

Tips to try out new foods 

  • Give a happy “tone” to your children’s lunchboxes. How? By using a variety of cutters, offering fruits and vegetables in sticks, and adding colour, but mainly by offering small pieces. Large food pieces like a boiled egg or a whole sandwich might stress them out. Try to place them in their lunchbox already cut, and you’ll see the difference it makes. Another way to give joy inside their lunchboxes is by leaving them a sweet note with your love.  
  • The section lunchboxes help quite a bit, not just to transport foods, but also regarding how children see things.
  • It’s important to always add something you know your child will certainly eat, something that they often eat, as well as something that you want them to try. Patience and persistence, without pressure, will give you the best results.  
  • Avoid always giving the same things just because your child eats them because you’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious circle. 
lunchbox with Babybel

And now some recipes

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