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Σπιτική κρέμα βρώμης για βρέφη

Porridge for babies

1st published on Instagram, 10/22/2019

You always ask me what I feed the little hands in the afternoon, and what I used to offer in the beginning of blw. I have a reply here, one that answers both questions! It’s something I published in the past (published on @littlehands_blw), one that you’ve often asked about, and has finally found its place in the blog. And that’s none other than the recipe for the homemade porridge for babies.

How and why I used to make it

It was our and our paediatrician’s choice to not give him mass-produced creams. When we started giving his grains, I often used to make him porridge as an afternoon meal using oat flakes, buckwheat flakes, quinoa, millet, and flaxseeds (usually mixed together into a porridge), after being soaked, strained, and then boiled. I also added taste and aroma with a little cinnamon or turmeric or ginger or natural vanilla! Then, I enriched it with chopped dried plums after I had soaked them, or raisins or grated apple! In general, I used to experiment, depending on the ingredients I had in hand. I had seen that a homemade cream with turmeric and plums was his favourite, and he loves cinnamon very much!

Baby-led weaning – How I used to offer oat cream, porridge

In preloaded spoons. Yes, it creates quite the mess, and you’ll lose some of the cream, but if you’re already following the baby-led weaning method, then these are things you already know well.


The recipe you’ll find below made 2 portions of porridge for the baby, so I stored the second in the fridge and offered it the next day.

Porridge for babies
November 2019 – Homemade cream with oats, quinoa, buckwheat, chopped apple, cinnamon and for the first time (he was 14 months) over a year a spoonful of honey 🍯

Porridge for babies recipe

The process is as follows:
I used about 3 full tablespoons of the flakes I mentioned (though first I processed everything through the food processor into a powder and stored the powder in a jar) and added them in a little bowl with water just so that it covered them, and a few drops of lemon, and let them aside for about half an hour. The reason behind that is neutralizing the natural acid that it contains.
Then, I strained it completely and boiled the pulp in 100 ml of water in a pot, adding the rest of the ingredients. I mixed continuously over medium heat for a few minutes until the mixture became a thick cream that could stand on the spoon.

I let it cool and offered it to the little hands! We’ve had our little bamboo bamboo bowl ever since the little hands were six months old. It has a strong detachable suction base as well as an ergonomic bamboo spoon. You’ll find it here, 10% off, with no customs costs.

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