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11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

Breakfast is one of the most fundamental meals of the day! Everyone knows this, but what few know—and mothers know very well—is how much of a puzzle it may be to discover what kind of breakfast we’ll be offering day after day to our little ones! We want it to be rich, complete, filling, healthy, delicious, and sometimes quick, and it should also be ideal for the whole family! And usually, the breakfast is cantered on the egg… And that’s as far as the mind goes. And what about those of you who don’t offer eggs?

We want our kids (and ourselves, as well!) to start the day, every day, with variety in our breakfasts. But it’s also so hard to not fall into a (morning) routine! I know that very well, as I’ve had it happen to myself!

And then, there’s the other thing; what about kids who don’t want to eat in the morning? Or those who want only cereal every day and don’t even want to smell eggs? What happens then?  

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

That’s where you’ll come here for a little inspiration! I have a few ideas for you, with and without eggs, so that you can make a different, tasty, healthy, and complete breakfast for your baby that’s following the baby-led weaning method, or for your older child, or even for you! I often seek inspiration from my own Instagram posts. When I feel stuck and can’t think of what to make today, I just scroll through and as if from a miracle, inspiration returns!

I have another way to avoid running out of ideas, too, and while I’ve applied it only to lunch, I think it’s time to apply it to breakfast as well. I’ve written various meal ideas on a piece of paper that’s pinned on the fridge, and when I can’t think of what to make, I just look at it and 10 seconds later my problem is solved! This little piece of paper has never disappointed me! So, writing these lines, I thought to make another list for breakfast ideas and share it with you so that you can print it out and have easy access to ideas whenever you need them. You’ll find the list at the end of this article so that you can download it.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

Why these particular suggestions for BLW breakfasts, as well as breakfasts for everyone

  • They’re easy for your hurried mornings or you can even make them from the night before.
  • They’re healthy, tasty, nutritious, and colourful! Sometimes even fun!
  • They’re perfect for children over the age of 6 months old, adjusting of course the quantity depending on the age.

Breakfast Ideas without eggs

1. Yogurt. Mix yogurt with tahini or peanut butter, fruits, sugar-free cereal (I use puffed emmer wheat, amaranth, or quinoa, and the little hands love them), and seeds (chia, poppy, and flaxseeds for children under 6 months old, or sunflower and pumpkin seeds for older kids), and you’ll have a complete breakfast. Prefer sheep or goat yogurt and avoid yogurt desserts.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

2. Cereal bars. You can prepare them over the weekend and have the breakfasts for the rest of the week ready, and they can be accompanied by fruits and yogurt. I suggest date bars, banana bars, apple bars, or even savoury pizza bars.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

3. Overnight oats. Breakfast that’s already prepared the night before is the best solution for the mornings when there’s not enough time even for the most basic of things, and it’s also a nutritious breakfast! You can make them with milk or yogurt, oats (of course), cinnamon or turmeric, peanut butter, and honey or maple syrup. The good thing about this kind of breakfast is that it’s thick, so it can easily be fed with a spoon even from the age of 6 months old. Until I write the article on how to make it, you can find recipes and instructions on my Instagram posts about breakfast prepared the night before with turmeric here, overnight oats with peanut butter here, and a recipe with yogurt here.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

4. Smoothies. They’re a perfect way to offer fruits or vegetables to your little ones, while they also contain proteins and fats that children need to start their day. You can just mix 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 a cup of fruits or vegetables (apple, berries, avocado, spinach, carrot, and more), 1/3 of a cup of oats, and 1 tablespoon of tahini or any nut butter, and chia seeds, in the blender. Or you can make a quick yogurt smoothie with 1/2 a cup of yogurt and 1/2 a cup of blueberries, strawberries, bananas, or any other fruit you prefer! You can offer it in a glass with a straw or on a plate like we’d do so they can eat it with a spoon (in this case, try to make it thicker).  

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

Breakfast Ideas with eggs

5. Oven-baked or fried omelette. Omelette is always one of the best breakfasts. It’s my favourite because I can use any vegetables I might happen to have in the fridge, and I always add sweet paprika and turmeric. In the oven, you can make it the night before, and it’s ready in 20 minutes. Add spinach, fresh onions, leeks, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, or even pumpkin puree.  

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

6. Muffins or cakes. One of the easiest solutions, as they’re prepared over the weekend. Try to make our carrot cake, banana bread, sweet beetroot muffins, or savoury beetroot and feta muffins. On my site, you’ll also find many different muffin and cake recipes with doughs made from fruits and vegetables, with no processed sugar, butter-free, savoury as well as sweet. The choice is yours.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

7. Egg rolls. Did you know that you can make savoury as well as sweet egg rolls? They’re certainly a different way to integrate eggs into our breakfast. For the savoury version, add avocados, fresh onions, oregano, and cherry tomatoes, and for the sweet version, spread some peanut butter, add a banana, and roll it up. So simple! The egg roll is incredibly easy to make by following the procedure you’d follow to make an omelette, while not adding anything besides the egg. You’ll find a detailed recipe for the egg roll and 3 ways to serve it here.  

8. Waffles. Savoury or sweet, waffles are another beloved breakfast you can make with fruits or vegetables. You can prepare them the night before and have your next day’s breakfast ready. Make them in a waffle maker, or in silicone trays and bake them in the oven. I suggest trying the recipe that the little hands love, which is none other than the coconut waffles with banana. You can also try our fluffy waffles and our oats waffles. For a savoury version, see my Instagram post here.

9. Scrambled eggs. I love scrambled eggs because they’re made very quickly, and it’s the best solution for the days when we overslept or our little one wakes us up very hungry. Add some olive oil or coconut oil to a frying pan and throw your eggs or even add a little milk. Add paprika, pepper, and turmeric, break them apart with a wooden ladle, and mix for about 4 minutes—and your breakfast is ready!

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

10. Pancakes. Easy, tasty, and usually a beloved breakfast we make on Sundays. You can, however, have everything ready the night before—or even in the freezer, to be deforested in the morning in a microwave or a frying pan. Make sure to remove it from the freezer the night before, but if you forget it, you can use the quick way I mentioned. You can find all the pancake recipes here. They include the sweet beetroot pancakes, their savoury version, the orange pancakes without egg, the oatmeal pancakes, the spinach pancakes, the sweet potato pancakes, and the apple pumpkin pancakes with turmeric. Additionally, on my Instagram, you’ll find my vegan pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, gluten-free pancakes with coconut flour, and aromatic ginger pancakes. We love pancakes so you’ll find more than 20 recipes. 

11. Avocado toast. If you love avocado, then you’ll already know how amazing a combination it makes with eggs, both regarding flavour as well as nutrition. And if you also enjoy eating some with your breakfast, why can’t your little ones enjoy it as well? Make their avocado toast with a fried egg or with scrambled egg, and accompany it with homemade bread.

11+1 breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers, and children

+1. Imaginative sandwiches. Little ones love sandwiches, but they’re not the best choice to offer every day. The next time they’ll ask for a sandwich, prefer to make a different, playful one. Offer sandwiches with fruits like an apple sandwich with almond butter and cinnamon, mini banana sandwiches with peanut butter and coconut, or savoury omelette sandwiches with avocado, cheese, and cherry tomatoes! Dare to do so and you’ll be rewarded. For more detailed instructions, see my video from the show called “Good evening” here.

Tips and advice

  • Try to make sure that your breakfast always contains protein (eggs, coconut, seeds), good fats (avocado, nuts), carbohydrates (oats), and fruits and vegetables (prefer those in season). Eat the rainbow, as they say!
  • Try to offer a variety of foods and get a sectioned plate for your breakfast, so that you can offer options to your little ones. Our favourites are the fox from bamboo and the simple bamboo section plate which have a detachable suction cup and are perfect for use from the age of 6 months old and can be found here.
  • Even if you believe that you’re not good with your hands, make a playful dish that will most certainly excite our demanding clients, which won’t see the “imperfections” that irritate us. Make a flower with boiled eggs or a simple tree with spinach pancakes. Or simply allow them to choose which cutter to cut the food on their plate with.
  • Join them while you eat your breakfast. Breakfast is a good chance to start your day. Give yourself time and eat with your children, if that’s possible.
  • Don’t hesitate to combine ingredients.
  • For more demanding children, try to establish a regular breakfast on their plates, which will be part of the variety of foods you want to offer. Little children love routine, and they’ll be more positively predisposed to eat, for example, fruit, if they know that they’ll find their favourite yogurt next to them. Doing that minimizes the number of decisions they need to make, and raises the possibility that they’ll eat something else, as well.
  • Always have something ready from the day before (prepare the vegetables or make the omelette) and in the morning, just cut the fruit, for example. That way, you’ll get breakfast ready much quicker without stress.

I hope you found some inspiration here for your own mornings. Don’t forget to print out the “assistant’ list I’ve prepared for you and use it next time you don’t have any idea what to make for breakfast.

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